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2016 Youth Classes Wrap-Up

Our 19th season of indoor classes for young players concluded this week and with it comes the end of a 2-year coaching stint for Coach Kari.  The IU grad and former Hoosier soccer player heads back to California this summer to begin a career in public relations.  We thank and congratulate Coach Kari and wish her nothing but the best!





Iunited Finishes Unbeaten Spring Season

The Spring B Season finished as it started, with Iunited atop the standings and unbeaten, following a hard-fought battle against 2nd-seeded Djambar in the league final.  Congratulations to all of our teams for a tremendous run this spring!



Fake Madrid Wins Spring Championship

It's a return to the podium for one of Bloomington Soccer's perennial power clubs, Fake Madrid, as they sweep the Spring Season with five consecutive wins - ending their indoor campaign with a 2-1 title game win over Ivory Toast.


The B League wraps-up the spring season Monday night as top seed Iunited leads the field into the final night of spring matches.



Kryptonite Wins U14 Tourney Title

A deep bench and plenty of energy - not to mention a few opportunistic goals - helped 2nd seed Kryptonite past a strong Tibro FC squad in the semi-final and defending champion IMPACT, to the U14 tournament championship.



Barley Bros Win Champions League

An impressive streak of top seeds winning tournaments this week was punctuated by Barley Bros's double in the most competitive league of the season.  After a brief drought of full-season titles, the men in green captured the regular season and tournament Champions League titles.


UnCOACHables - a regular favorite on Thursday nights - had enough in them to thwart league newcomer Rolls Reus in one semifinal, while Fake Madrid came-up just short in the other semi vs Barley Bros.


Corpus Jurus won the Rec Tournament, so they, along with Rolls Reus, unCOACHables, Fake Madrid and Bloomington Internationals, will join Barley Bros in the Champions League, for fall, 2016.



Fake Madrid Adds Drama & Victories On Tourney Night

Undefeated and top seed Fake Madrid found themselves down 2 goals in the U18 tournament final with Sweg Team, before unleashing several quick scoring opportunities and stingy defensive posture, to force overtime.


Each team had some near-misses on counter attacks in the 3-v-3 session, but an intentional hand ball by Sweg Team forced them down to 2 players, and Fake Madrid promptly scored the game winner.




CrossFire FC Does It Again

Kosiers FC came close in the regular season and Boston Scientific was just as close in the tournament final, but neither team could derail top seeded CrossFire FC from there 3rd consecutive championship.




Logan Pause FC Sweeps Season

Fall Champions Logan Pause FC extended succes through the winter in capturing the regular season and tournament titles in the Over 30 League.  BROOD battled 2nd seed Bloomington Internationals to victory but couldn't manage a win in the final.



Active Others Double-Up In B League Debut


Regular season champions Active Others used a deep bench and capitalized on scoring chances to win the B League tournament, garnering distinction as the first "double winners" in the history of the league.


Parental Guidance made their second consecutive appearance in the final but couldn't find a goal against the top seed.  Congratulations to 7th seed Jerry Emery for surprising everyone with a semi-final appearance.



IU Club Soccer Takes Long Road To Title


IU Club Soccer - Red arrived for their first game of the Premier League Tournament Sunday night, at 7:45pm.  Nearly 3 hours and 2 OT games later, they left the facility as champions.


As the 4th seed they earned a 2-1 win over B'Town Internationals, an OT win over top-seeded Rosario JRS and earned a spot in the final against perennial favorites, unCOACHables.


With 1:12 remaining in the title game, unCOACHables found the match's first goal, and a minute later, IU Club Soccer - Red found the second.  A flurry of action in a golden goal OT session of 3-v-3 saw IU score and capture the championship.




Spring JUNIORS Session & Summer Soccer Camp!


Players ages 8-11 can enjoy our spring session of Bloomington Soccer JUNIORS beginning in late March.  The 6-week program features professional training sessions and games.  (See "Instruction")


And for those of you planning your summer, Bloomington Soccer's summer camp is open for registration under the "Camps" tab.  It's a fun-filled, soccer heavy, laughter-laden week of half-day camp outside, at Karst Farm Park.





Impact Capture Season & Tournament Titles

The U14 season wrapped-up Friday night and season champs Impact made the most of tournament night with a victory over Kryptonite in the final.  Both finalists advanced after OT victories over FC Bloomington and Ferocious Little Kids, respectively, which made for exciting soccer for our full house of families and fans.


Champions & Ad Rec League Titles Won


First time Champions League regular season winners Real Koryllas (above) couldn't extend success on tournament night against a feisty Barley Bros squad that found itself in the unusual position as underdog in the CHL Tournament.


After its 5-1 upset, Barley Bros were defeated by eventual tournament champs unCOACHables (below), which, despite perennial success, had its hands full in a 1-0 final victory over Fake Madrid. 


On a "Defense Wins Championships" note:  4 of 6 CHL Tournament games were shutouts and no losing team ever scored more than 1 goal.


Winter 2016 Champions League Teams:  unCOACHables, Fake Madrid, Barley Bros, Real Koryllas, Deportivo Santa Cruz, Matt Rogers, Corpus Jurus and Deportivo Mexicanse.



Corpus Jurus Rules The Night


Nick Graber's use of the July transfer window has resulted in a very entertaining Corpus Jurus squad that proved battle-ready as they won the Rec Tournament title and again, secured a spot for Champions League 2016. 




Over 150 U18s Compete For Championships


Featuring three undefeated teams from the regular season, the U18 tournament held plenty of promise for fireworks and upsets - and it delivered.  Manchester City won its much-hyped derby with Manchester Utd, and Daylen Ramusack's squad used 3 quick goals to dispatch #1 seed Lightning Strikers.


In the end Man City (above) celebrated a tournament title over Joe Sweeney.  And in the "B" tournament, baseball greats Class On Grass (below) celebrated their championship.



El Compadre Upsets CrossFire FC In Final


Regular season and returning champion CrossFire FC endured a shootout with El Compadre but in the end, the conquistadors, well, conquered and took home the tournament title in the Adult Rec Tuesday League.



Logan Cage Captures Over 30 Title

Blgtn Internationals collected their "Season Champ" hardware early as BROOD moved past them to the tournament final to meet 2nd seed Logan Cage FC...that game ended in a draw, with Logan Cage FC scoring on a quick break to win the championship.



Life On Marr & 'Roys Boys Take "B League" Titles

The top seeds from the inaugural "B League" season lived-up to their billing as tournament night unfolded, even as a surprise from Parental Guidance forced an unlikely pairing in the final.


Number 1 seed Life On Marr lost their semi-final, as 2nd seeded 'Roys Boys earned a match-up with Parental Guidance (whose young fans were home in bed) for the title. 'Roys secured the 1-0 win to take home the tournament championship.



Winter Weather & Postponements


We work hard to balance the desire to play with unnecessary risk-taking during the winter weather months. 


In the event of a postponement of classes or games, we'll post the information here and email class participants and team captains.




unCOACHables' unPRECEDENTed Run

The Premier League season closed on Sunday with the same storyline as always:  Perennial Power unCOACHables Reigned Supreme.  From a dynamic undefeated stretch of play through the regular season to victories on tournament night, Michael Nosofsky's model franchise came away with the double for fall, 2015.






Barley Bros Put Champions League On Notice

Barley Bros have picked-up where they left off in the spring, capturing the early Fall League season title, shutting-out the #2 team Indiana Academica, 3-0.  Barley Bros, sporting the new 2015 Worm's Way kit, step into Champions League action in November.



"6-Goal Rule" Review

In fall, 2014, our 6-Goal Rule was implemented to minimize stoppage time in blowout games, without over-penalizing a successful team.  In short, when a score margin reaches 6, the winning team may only score from outside the penalty box (unless a penalty is awarded), until the margin is less than 6.


Through 190 games in the winter of 2014, nearly 30% featured scoring margins of 7 or more.  With our 6-Goal Rule in place, less than 25% of games featured margins of 7 goals or more (190 games, Winter 2015).


The new rule wasn't the only reason for the decrease in blowouts.  The Champions League, launched last fall, also brought parity to our Thursday leagues.  In 28 of the Champions League winter games, only 2 (7%) featured a 7-goal margin.


The league with the highest margin was the Over 30 league - in large part because adult teams looking for exercise or returning to the game for the first time, formed teams and competed with Over 30 teams that play more often.


In an effort to offer parity to the teams returning to the game or just looking for exercise, we've created the "Absolute Beginners League" on Monday nights.  Our hope is to offer parity among teams in the Over 30 league, while providing an enjoyable experience to players who are new to the game.




Barley Bros Capture Conference & Tournament Titles

The Spring 2015 season closed in dramatic fashion as Barley Bros put together 3 goals in 90 seconds to win their semi-final and used stingy defense to solidify a title, 1-0 over Sigma Chi in the tournament final.


Congratulations to American Snipers for their conference championship and thanks to our teams for participating this year.





Striker Luers Capture U18 Tournament Title

It was an evening of upsets - none bigger than Striker Luers cementing the victory in the U18 final over 2nd seed Versace FC.  Congratulations to 2-time league winner Gucci FC - bumped-out in the semi-final, and to Versace FC, the finalist in the tournament.




unCOACHables Win Champions League Tournament

The perennial power house unCOACHables garnered another title as Champions League Tournament winners.  They were the only team in the field of 8 that posted wins with a 2-goals-or-greater differential, and allowed just 1 goal (to finalists Barley Bros) in three games.


The Champions League field for Fall 2015 is set and includes:  unCOACHables, Barley Bros, Fake Madrid, Deportivo Mexicanse, Real Koryllas, Blton Internationals, Corpus Jurus and Huckelby FC.



Kilroy's Wins Over 30 League & Tournament Titles

Four different goal scorers and stifling defense helped regular season champs Kilroy's capture the Over 30 tournament title Monday night.  As usual, Old Stars, The Brood and Bloomington Internationals made the 20-minute stanzas interesting throughout the night.





NITRO Makes Quick Work Of U14 Tourney Field

NITRO arrived as the 2nd seed and in 35 minutes of play in the U14 tournament, dispensed of pesky Kryptonite and league champion All Stars, for the U14 tournament title Friday night.


Congratulations to all of our teams and good luck with your spring club seasons!



Bltn Internationals:  Winless Season To Win-Full Tourney


A dreadful showing in Champions League (0-7 and a less-than-2 gpg avg) meant nothing to the Bloomington Internationals, as they redeemed themselves on tournament night with 4 wins, including an OT thriller in the final, to reclaim Champions League status for Fall, 2015.


Corpus Jurus also earned a spot in the top league with their appearance in the final, which turned-out to be their second, consecutive OT match, as they fought for the night's top prize.


Five of the night's nine games were decided by one goal.




El Compadre Captures Ad Rec TUE Title

It was a night of mid-table teams finding success as El Compadre put together a decent tournament showing to find the title against higher seed Casters.  Learned Foot was the surprise of the night, knocking-off top seed Gunners FC enroute to a semi-final berth.



unCOACHables Win Premier League

Perennial power unCOACHables racked-up two wins on tournament night to complete their sweep of the Premier League in the 2014/2015 regular seasons and tournaments. 


American Snipers were the unlikely finalists - finishing 0-5 in the regular season.  The tournament's lowest seed put together two gutsy performances before falling short in the final.



East All Stars Wrap Season, FC Bloomington Wins Tourney

FC Bloomington wove their way through the U14 tournament Friday until they found a championship late-night at the Twin Lakes Rec Center.  Along the way they dispensed of the top-seeded East All Stars (above), and ultimately NITRO - a surprise upset winner appearing as a finalist in the U14 tourney.


Congratulations to Orbit FC Blue as they captured the "B Tournament" title.



unCOACHables Wrap Inaugural Champions Season

The unCOACHables put an exclamation mark on their Champions League Title by winning the season tournament in the Ad Rec THU League.  The tournament's semi-finals and final (featuring Season Champ Ryan Huckelby) were all won on one-goal margins.


Congratulations to Deportivo Santa Cruz for their "B" Tournament victory.


The Winter, 2015, Champions League teams are set:  unCOACHables, Fake Madrid, Kevin's Little Sparkles, Barley Bros, Deportivo Santa Cruz, Bl Internationals, Ryan Huckelby and, earning a spot on the tie-breaker, Hatchets FC.




Gucci FC Grabs Gold (& Blue)

Gucci FC is the first U18 team from Terre Haute to capture a double - a regular season and tournament championship - in the nearly 2 decades that we've played indoor soccer at the Twin Lakes Rec Center.  Their hard-fought battles - including the final vs. Jingleberry Men - proved them worthy of both the gold and blue winners jerseys this season.


Congratulations to the USA Olympic Handball Team for their stellar "B" Tournament performance and championship.





#NoFlex Are #Champions

The first hashtag-named team in the 15 years of Bloomington Soccer captured both the regular season and tournament championships in the Adult Rec TUE League.  Though they faced a stern battle from CrossFire FC in the final, #NoFlex stood their ground and left Tuesday's tournament with the title.




Over 30 League Champions:  Old Stars

The Old Stars strung together two winning performances to knock-off Brood and the undefeated Kilroy's teams, to capture the tournament title in the Over 30 League Monday night.  And late-season roster adjustments have Bloomington Internationals promising a contentious run for the title in the upcoming Winter season.


Premier League Title To unCOACHables

Season champion Barley Bros and unCOACHables battled through tough semi-final matches before squaring-off in the final of the Premier League - in the end, unCOACHables added to their trophy case (t-shirt closet) a tournament title with a decisive performance in the final.



Champions League Title To unCOACHables

The last game on the last night of Champions League play packed all the drama one could've hoped for as unCOACHables earned their necessary win over Deportivo Santa Cruz to capture the inaugural Champions League title.


They, along with Fake Madrid, Barley Bros and Kevin's Little Sparkles, secure a spot in the 2015 Champions League.  The remaining spots can be captured in the end-of-season tournaments in January.



Barley Bros Wins Early Fall Season

Barley Bros made themselves a Champions League favorite, proving their might against perennial powerhouse unCOACHables/Uptown FC in the final of games of the Early Fall Season.


Though down a man early, unCOACHables kept the game close - but in the end Barley Bros denied their opponents goals and scored enough to secure the title.



This fall, Bloomington Soccer introduces a Champions League feature to the Ad Rec THU season, where the top teams battle for Champions League honors through regular season play.  In addition, the end-of-season tournaments provide other teams the chance to qualify for the upcoming Champions League season.


Based on their Spring, 2014, regular season performance, these 8 teams have qualified for the inaugural Champions League season:  Fake Madrid, Step Dads, Bl Internationals, unCOACHables, Barley Bros, Felix FC, Bhandari FC and Deportivo Santa Cruz.


Why Bloomington Soccer?

Professional coaching, a safe environment and dependable facility are just some of the reasons why youth soccer training at the Twin Lakes Rec Center with Bloomington Soccer, makes sense.


And as a licensed US Soccer Federation coach, Chris Doran employs the principles of US Soccer's recommended curriculum for players at every stage of their development.


The result?  Your young players enjoy experienced instruction - with age-appropriate expectations, opportunities to apply what they've learned in small-sided games and a desire to keep playing the world's most beautiful game.

register online now

2016/17 Classes & Leagues Will Be Posted By June 1













































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