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Indoor Soccer League Registration

Team sign-ups are underway now for all of our indoor leagues.  Individual registration is open only for the Ad Rec Tuesday league.  For more information, visit the "Indoor League" page above.  Online registration can be found by clicking the "Register Now" button in the upper right corner.




November Classes Start Soon!  Sign-Up Now!

Our youth soccer classes for players ages 4-11 are available on the "Instruction" page of bloomingtonsoccer.net.  Classes include Turf Tigers, Little Kickers and JUNIORS programs.




2014 Rule Change In Effect

Bloomington Soccer is a community of players and fans who love the beautiful game.  We recognize there are times when mismatches occur on the field.  In those mismatches, more time is wasted resetting play at midfield after every goal, than most would care to experience.


In the Winter, 2014, season alone, 30 percent of the nearly 190 games played, featured final scores with at least a 7-goal margin.  Since "Goals-For" is NOT a tie-breaker in our tournament seedings, those large scoring totals didn't matter in the end.


"Goals-Against" is a tie-breaker, and it was used just once last Winter as we seeded 53 teams in various tournaments.  Following the implementation of this rule, we'll review any abnormal changes in the seeding process.


In the end, this rule along with the establishment of the Champions League (see below), should help promote playing time within games and lessen the agony of the occassional mismatch, without overtly penalizing a well-skilled offensive team.




This fall, Bloomington Soccer introduces a Champions League feature to the Ad Rec THU season, where the top teams battle for Champions League honors through regular season play.  In addition, the end-of-season tournaments provide other teams the chance to qualify for the upcoming Champions League season.


Based on their Spring, 2014, regular season performance, these 8 teams have qualified for the inaugural Champions League season:  Fake Madrid, Step Dads, Bl Internationals, unCOACHables, Barley Bros, Felix FC, Bhandari FC and Deportivo Santa Cruz.




100 Kids Each Week Can't Be Wrong

The 2013/14 Indoor Soccer Season brings a record number of youth players to Bloomington Soccer's Turf Tigers, Little Kickers and JUNIORS programs!  The combined participation in these sessions averages over 100 players under 10, each week (Nov-March), training at the Twin Lakes Rec Center.


Bloomington Soccer is committed to professional player development and we're grateful for the endorsement from so many soccer families in Monroe County!



Why Bloomington Soccer?

Professional coaching, a safe environment and dependable facility are just some of the reasons why youth soccer training at the Twin Lakes Rec Center with Bloomington Soccer, makes sense.


And as a licensed US Soccer Federation coach, Chris Doran employs the principles of US Soccer's recommended curriculum for players at every stage of their development.


The result?  Your young players enjoy experienced instruction - with age-appropriate expectations, opportunities to apply what they've learned in small-sided games and a desire to keep playing the world's most beautiful game.


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  2014 League Schedules

Early Fall League - Ad Rec 

Premier League

Over 30 League

AD Rec Tuesday League

U18 League

Champions League

AD Rec Thursday League

U14 League


2014 Team Roster (PDF)






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